Three types of great immersion activities will be available during Remote Latin America – Barichara 2019: art workshops, outdoor activities and experiences at traditional coffee farms.

All of them will be held in the afternoon, after the business meetings and lunch.

The options for those who love local culture will take place in casual ateliers usually located in artists’ homes, some of which are typical 19th-century casonas. The beautiful cobble stone streets of Barichara will also be the setting for the walking tour of the Historical Center.

Nature fans will have the option to hike, ride a bike or go rafting in the surrounding areas.

Being that it’s such an important part of Colombian culture, coffee is the focus for the tours to some beautiful coffee farms.

Can’t make up your mind? Try one activity from each category and go back home with a good understanding of what makes beautiful Barichara such a special place.


Check out the activities:

Cultural activities

  • Ceramics class 

Learn how to mold pieces of art out of local clay with your own hands

  •  Handmade paper 

Identify natural fibers in an outdoor garden and craft a notepad or a paper flower out of handmade paper.

  •  Guane weaving class 

Introduction to manual loom and basic knowledge of stitches used to craft a traditional Guane handbag. 

  • Cooking class

Prepare a typical Colombian arepa, the traditional cornmeal snack from Barichara, and enjoy it with a side of chorizo sausage, hogao sauce and the local drink guarapo

  • Raku (enameled ceramic) 

Apply enamels with millennial oriental techniques to put surprising metallic finishes on ceramics

  • Hat Making 

Learn the first steps in the process of crafting a local hat with natural Iraca palm 


Coffee experiences

  • Alfania, Buenos Aires and Santa Elena farms

Visit a local coffee local producer, learn about the process and enjoy a delicious tasting session


Outdoor activities

  • Hiking to Guane 

Soft 6-km hike downhill – with a few uphill sections – by  an ancestral cobblestoned trail to the charming neighboring village of Guane

  • Rafting on the Fonce River 

Adventure with a 9 Km descent down the Fonce River with a few class III rapids (class IV high water level)

  • City Tour in Barichara 

Explore the history, architecture and some favorite local spots of this charming 300-year-old town

  • Mountain biking + culture 

A 6-km bike tour pedaling on a dirt path, not technically a road, stopping along the way to visit stone carving and basket webbing workshops


Photo credit: Cámara de Comercio de Bucaramanga

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